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Wonder Curls Product Review

  • Posted on September 23, 2014 at 2:54 am

I received these products in my Curl Collection subscription. I just got around to trying them out. The owner advised that a little of her product goes a long way. Which was good information for me, as I am heavy handed with applying product.

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser
The hair needs to be sopping wet, when you apply it. You apply it to little section at a time, from roots to ends. You only need to apply a little of the clay at a time to coat the hair. You can finger detangle and massage the clay into the scalp. It’s best to work from the nape of the head, going forward. Leave on hair for five minutes before rising out. Rinse the scalp and the hair really well, to get all the clay out.

Smell – it doesn’t have a pleasant scent. Smells, well like clay.
Application Process: messy, best to do in the shower or where an old shirt.
The clay moved through the hair fairly well while applying. I finger detangles as I did each section. It went rather smoothly. It made my natural curls, pop. Like when I do Henna. The hair looked clean after the rise process and it did not feel stripped. My scalp felt clean and I did not notice any residue.

It’s a different feeling when using the clay, because I am so use to using shampoo and having it lather. It was kind of funny not having it.
Overall, I say this was a good product on my 4B/C hair. I felt like the product did what it said. The clay is supposed to detoxify the hair/scalp/skin and it supposed to aid in detangling the hair. I don’t see me using this product every week, but maybe once or twice a month to detoxify the hair/scalp.

Restoring conditioning Treatment

The texture of this product reminds me of putty.  Your hair needs to be sopping wet to apply. You only need to apply a little at a time. It best to apply it, to small sections and work it from root to ends. I did a little finger detangling, as I went along. It went okay.
I sat under my hair steamer for about 20 minutes after applying the product. I rinsed it out with warm water and continued finger detailing as I went along. I did not feel like the product had a lot of slip to it, while I was detailing and rinsing it out. The hair appeared to be moisturized, once it was rinsed out. The hair did not feel like anything special to me. The only noticeable difference to me was that my natural curls did pop after using the product.
The product says it supposed to rejuvenate damage hair. I don’t have any real hair damage, so the jury is still out on that part of the product. I really wanted to like this product. I am always on the hunt for a good deep conditioner. Overall, I would say this is an okay product. I don’t believe I would buy. I will use the remainder of the product. My hair did not feel like nothing special. It just felt okay. No noticeable softness or anything.

Better than love pudding
You only need to apply a little of this product to the section of the hair you are working with. It can be used in addition with the styling product. This product is the moisturizer, of this line. It has the texture of a lotion. It went onto the hair easily.
I styled my hair in twist and used a little of this, prior to using the curl lotion.

Curl Control Styling lotion
I would have to agree with some of the other Vloggers, who said this product was more like a gel. The texture is similar to a gel. I was barely able to get it out the bottle. It feels kind of tacky like paste. I had to stick my finger in the bottle to get the product, because it would not come out on its own. You also don’t need to apply a lot of this product. It works best, if you comb/finger detangle the product through the hair. That will evenly distribute it through the hair.
After my twist was dry and the twist were taken down. My hair felt a little moisture. I had good definition. Some of my hair felt a little crunchy. That was fine with me since I prefer a firmer hold. Overall, I was very pleased with the curl control styling lotion.

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